Compamedic® PT Series LED Phototherapy equips the doctors to deliver high-intensity phototherapy to treat hyperbilirubinemia. The combination of optimal wavelength, high intensity and uniform light distribution yields a faster total serum bilirubin breakdown. The PT11 is designed to meet phototherapy needs for effective and safe treatment of bilirubin in term and preterm newborns, covering a larger body area.


  • Optimal 458 nm Wavelength
  • The LEDs focus tightly on the optimal wavelength (450 ~ 465nm) for maximizing bilirubin metabolism.

  • FIdeal Irradiance Levels
  • With an optional digitally adjustable six level irradiance, the unit allows treatment tailored to each patient’s needs.

  • Uniform Light Distribution
  • The optical design ensures uniform light distribution to patient’s exposed surface area, maximizing bilirubin breakdown.

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Designed with no fan and no other mechanical moving parts, it operates significantly quieter than any other brand of phototherapy.

  • No Spill & No Glarev
  • Innovative optical design minimizes the light spilled outside the bed so neither caregivers nor other patients receive undesired exposure to light from LED

PT12® Under Surface Phototherapy


    Irradiance: > 60 µW/cm²/nm at 35 cm
    Wavelength Range: 450 ~ 470 nm (peak 458 nm), free of UV and IR radiations
    Height: Adjustable from 1220 ~ 1600 + 25 mm; Upto 90° tiltable on either side.
    Display (Optional): Backlit LCD Display, which includes:
    Time Totalizer, showing total LED running time & Therapy time
    Settable Feed Timer, Therapy Timer, Machine ID and Patient ID
    Intensity Control (Optional): Adjustable 6 level digital LED dimming / intensity control
    Examination Lamp (Optional): 4 No. of examination LED lamps that provide normal light
    Protections & Alarms (Optional): Visual & Audible alarms for overheating of LEDs, along with auto-power disconnection incase of high temperature.
    Electrical Requirements: 230VAC + 10%; ~50/60 Hz
    Mobility: 3 Swivel castors (2 back castors with break)
    Compliance & Certifications: CE, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2
    Accessories (Optional): Infant Bassinet, Spectral Irradiance meter, Eye Protector