E-Pro Neonatal Eye Protector

  • A simple eye protector with adjuster, for use during phototherapy.
  • Blocking 99% of the light.
  • Made up of Soft, bio-friendly and anti-allergic material.
  • For Single patient use only
  • Available in three different sizes

G-Pro Neonatal Gonad Protector

  • Added safety protection for Gonad / Ovary
  • Easy way to optimize the X-Ray radiation dose to infants.
  • Studies recommend using radiation shield for newborn gonad area, while taking X-Ray, thereby reducing the possibility of neoplasia and genetic disorders occuring due to excess exposure to X-Ray radiations.
  • Available in three different sizes

Disposable Measuring Tape

  • Space to fill patient’s information
  • Material: Paper
  • Measurement Range: Upto 70 cm / 30”

Head Circumference Tape

  • Paper made disposable solution for measuring infants head circumference in centimeter and inches.
  • Measurement Range : 5 ~ 50 cm / 2” ~ 20”
  • Dimensions : 95 x 25 x 10 cm


  • Mid Upper Arm Circumference Tape - as per UNICEF Standards
  • Material: Flexible, Non-tearable PVC