Compamedic® nPAP® Neonatal CPAP Delivery System provides respiratory support that is safe, effective, easy to use and incorporates unique features and leading humidification technology. Adaptability to current practices has been taken into consideration with the choice of various system models, such that it can be adapted to any patient interface, thus making it easily adaptable and an economic system.

  • Effectively maintains Functional Residual Capacity.
  • Helps reduce the infant's work on breathing.
  • Reduce the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation.
  • Tends to reduce the incidence of Chronic Lung Disease.
  • Improve non-pulmonary outcomes.
  • Available in 2 models:       1) nPAP Easy.       2) nPAP Compact.


    Input Flow Range: 0 ~ 15 lpm
    FiO2 Range: 21 ~ 100%
    Set CPAP Pressure Range: 3 ~ 10 cmH2O
    Maximum Pressure Limit: Settable Upto 17 cmH2O
    Usage Period: Single Patient Use, for a maximum of 7 Days
    Intended Patient Use: Neonates & Infants < 10 Kgs
    Power Requirements: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Accessories & Consumables:

Patient Delivery System

It comprises of:
  • • Humidification Chamber
  • • Pressure Relief Manifold
  • • Patient Circuit with heater-wire
  • • Bubble Generator

Patient Interface

It comprises of:
  • • Nasal Tubing
  • • Infant Bonnet
  • • Nasal Prongs / Mask

Mounting Stand & Brackets

  • • Mounting Stand / Pedestal is used to mount all the neonatal CPAP items, such as Air/O2
  • • Mixer, humidifiers, support arm, brackets, etc.
  • • A variety of Mounting Brackets & Circuit Support Arm Options are available

Medical Grade Air Compressor

It comprises of:
  • • V-Comp Basic: For use with nPAP EASY only
  • • V-Comp Ventifact (P/N: CVTF): For operating 2 bubble CPAPs