Compamedic® CH Series respiratory humidifiers are used for delivering warm and humidified gases to the patient.

CH330® Respiratory Humidifier

  • Adaptable with all respirators
  • With built-in overheat protection
  • User Adjustable Temperature Control
  • A non-heater-wire based humidification system

CH340® Respiratory Humidifier

  • With All features of CH330
  • Patient-end temperature monitoring, with display and alarms.

CH510® Respiratory Humidifier

  • With all the features of CH340
  • Heater-Wire Functionality Adaptable with all respirators

CH580® Respiratory Humidifier

  • With all the features of CH510
  • Chamber & Patient Airway End temperature monitoring with display and alarms
  • With Invasive & Non-Invasive Mode


    Adjustable Heater Control
    Audio & Visual Alarms
    Temperature Display- Patient’s AirWay
    Heater-Wire Function
    Temperature Display-Chamber