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V-Comp® Medical Air Compressors

V-Comp® medical air compressor for artificial respiration is a compact unit, intended for the delivery of clean, dry and filtered compressed medical-grade air to respiratory care equipment, such as CPAP, BiPAP, resuscitator, etc. It is used in an ICU environment in hospitals, as an accessory of respiratory care equipment, either as a compressed air source OR as an emergency backup air source.

Salient Features:

Device Characteristics:


Continous Air Output Flow25 + 3 LPM @ 35 + 5 PSI
Peak Flow>200 lpm
Air QualityDewpoint depressed 2.8 °C below ambient (without Electronic Dryer)
Dewpoint depressed 10 °C below ambient (with Electronic Dryer)
Noise< 54 db @ 1.2 meters
Air Inlet/Outlet FittingQuick Touch Coupler with 1 Way check valve
Optional DISS / NIST with 1 Way check value(Optional)

COMPRESSOR IMPUT(Optional; with Standby Option):

Standby Input Pressure35 ~ 90 PSI
Standby Cut-off Pressure35 PSI

Electrical Characteristics:

Power Supply230 VAC + 10%, 50/60 Hz, Sine Wave
Motor Capacity½ HP (at nominal mains voltage)
Maximum Supply Current2 AMP at 230 VAC
Electrical Fuse2 x 10A, 250V; Fast Blow
Power460 W (Max.)

Environmental Characteristics:

Ambient Operating Pressure(Max)20 kPa
Operating Temperature Range18 – 32 °C
Operating Relative Humidity< 85% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature Range-0 ~ 50 °C
Storage Relative Humidity< 95% (non-condensing)

Physical Characteristics:

Dimension (L x W x H)335 x 355 x 480 mm3
Weight28 kg

Intended Patient Population:

Neonate, Pediatric and Adult (All age group patient; requiring artificial repiration)

Device Classification:

Class l, Drip Proof IPX1, Continuous Operations, Non-Sterile, Active Medical Device

  • CVMP-AA-FXDXXX Standard configuration
  • CVMP-AA-FXDXBX with electronic dryer
  • IEC-60601-1 (Safety)
  • IEC-60601-1-2 (EMC)
  • CE

Essential Accessories:

Power CordAir Outlet Coupler PlugAmbient Air Filter

Optional/Additional Accessories:


V-Comp MedicalAir Compressor