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Ventifact® Medical Air Compressors

Ventifact® medical air compressor for artificial respiration is a compact unit, intended for the delivery of clean, dry and filtered compressed medical grade air to respiratory care equipment, such as ventilator, CPAP, BiPAP, resuscitator, etc. It is used in an ICU environment in hospitals, as an accessory of respiratory care equipment, either as a compressed air source OR as an emergency backup air source.

Salient Features:

Device Characteristics:


Continous Air Output Flow50 + 5 LPM @ 50 + 5 PSI
Oil & Particulate Filter
Peak Flow>200 lpm
Air QualityDewpoint depressed 10 °C below ambient (with Electronic Dryer)
Noise< 54 db @ 1.2 meters
Air Inlet/Outlet FittingQuick Touch Coupler with 1 Way check valve
Optional DISS / NIST with 1 Way check value
Device Life10 Years
Compressor Input (Optional; with Standby Option)
Standby Input Pressure35- 90 PSI(Optional)
Standby Cut-offPressure35 PSI
If central supply is connected, then the compressor motor turn OFF, as long as the air inlet supply pressure is >35 psi
Pressure Display/GaugeAnalog; 0~100 psi(with CVTF-AA-DXAXBX) 16×2 display with backlit LCD(with CVTF-AA-DXBXIX) LCD also display the number of hours & Alarms


Available only with Digital Display, Ventifact Variant# CVTF-AA-DXBXIX

Sr. No.AlarmsConditions
1Sendor Failure AlarmPressure Sensor failureor PCB failure
2Low Pressure AlarmsOutput pressure < 35 psi for more than 15 seconds
3High Pressure AlarmOutput pressure > 65 psi for more than 15 seconds
4High Temperature AlarmMotor head temperature > 80 C for more than 30 seconds
5Motor Standby Condition(It is not Alarm Condition)Central air supply pressure > 40 psi

Electrical Characteristics:

Power Supply230 VAC + 10%, 50/60 Hz, Sine Wave
Maximum Supply Current3 AMP at 230 VAC
Electrical Fuse2 x 10A, 250V; Fast Blow
Power690 W (Max.)

Environmental Characteristics:

Operating Temperature Range18 – 32 °C
Operating Humidity Range< 85% Relative Humidity
Storage Temperature Range-10 ~ 50 °C
Storage Humidity Range< 85% Relative Humidity
Ambient Operating Pressure(Max)20 kPa

Physical Characteristics:

Dimension (L x W x H)440 x 435 x 570 mm3
Weight42 kg

Intended Patient Population:

Neonate, Pediatric and Adult (All age group patient; requiring artificial repiration)

Device Classification:

Class l, Drip Proof IPX1, Continuous Operations, Non-Sterile, Active Medical Device

  • CVTF-AA-DXAXXX Standard configuration
  • CVTF-AA-DXAXBX with electronic dryer
  • CVTF-AA-DXAXIX with electronic dryer, digital display
  • CVTF-AA-DXAHXX with dual outlet
  • CVTF-AA-DXBXXX with dual wheel castor
  • CVTF-AA-DXAGXX with standby option
  • IEC-60601-1 (Safety)
  • IEC-60601-1-2 (EMC)
  • CE

Essential Accessories:

Power CordAir Outlet Coupler PlugAmbient Air Filter

Optional/Additional Accessories:


Ventifact Medical Air Compressor